We really like this shower head water filter. It was easy to install. Basically, you just unscrew the current shower head and screw on the filter between the pipe and the shower head. Some sealing tape is included, free, which you can wrap a few times around the threads, tightly, then screw on the filter or shower head, creating a leak-free seal. Super easy. It only screws on one way, so no mistakes there. The casing is chrome-y, but is actually plastic, and looks good. Once the shower runs for a bit (they suggest 10 seconds) the filter is rinsed out and ready, water pressure is normal, and the water is cleaner.

I’m not a chemist but, AFAIK, it works like this: Most water systems include chlorine or other germ-killers; great for water, not so great for showering in. “Hard” water, which most people have, contains magnesium and calcium, which bonds at a chemical level with soap and leaves your skin feeling “squeaky,” which is actually a soap/mineral film that is hard to wipe off — from your shower walls and your skin. It can cause skin problems. “Soft” water, in most water softeners, is where the original minerals are replaced with sodium and potassium, which can feel “slicker” or slippery.

These systems can be expensive to maintain, and while soft water is technically cleaner, it can feel disconcerting, as it (ironically) seems like you still have slippery soap on your skin that you can’t rinse off. So, that’s why I really love this filter. It filters out the good-yet-bad chemicals in our hard water system, leaving my skin feeling clean without the “squeaky” feel of hard water systems or the “slimy” feel (and expense) of regular soft water. I’m clean, my shower is clean, my family’s skin seems healthier, and it is super easy to install. It even comes with an extra water filter, too.