Recently, we were wondering what we could get for our son’s upcoming birthday — that wasn’t a video game, and hopefully educational, too (as if) — when my wife asked what my favorite toy had been as a child. Then I remembered: My electronics set. I was able to do numerous electric projects/experiments, and years later, in STEM classes, I found that I already knew much of the class in advance since I’d already learned the concepts, in fun and easily remembered ways, with my little electronics set. So we looked and found — nothing.

They just weren’t made anymore. So, later, when we came across this book, we were delighted, as was our son. It offers easy to understand instructions for all sorts of projects using easy-to-access (and inexpensive) parts. He’s going through the book, making various projects, following along with the easy to understand text, diagrams, and photos. He’s learned to understand circuit diagrams, and when my husband recently showed him a circuit diagram for a computer project, he was surprised to realize he could follow the basics quite easily.