This may be the first alarm clock I’ve ever owned that I just looked at and all of the controls are perfectly clear — intuitive, and easy to use. It is big enough — and the dial is clear enough — that it doesn’t require reading glasses to use, and yet, it’s small enough that it fits on any kind of side table or shelf or whatever. Because it’s an analog clock in a glance you can see how much time you have, like a pie chart. I really like that there are glow-in-the-dark markings on the hands, longer and shorter, so it works in the dark without lighting up my bedroom in red or whatever. But there is also a button across the top of the clock that turns on a light on the dial, if needed.

The same button, when used while the alarm is going off, works as a snooze button. The clock runs off an AA battery, so there are no worries about the power going out or anything like that. It has a second hand which is nice and also communicates instantly if the batteries were low, and it makes a soft click with each second, so in a dark and quiet room, you can hear if there was a problem with the battery as well.

The back has an up-or-down textured switch to turn the alarm on and off, alongside two knobs — one for the time, the other for the alarm. It’s really nice how the alarm itself starts off gently and quiet, growing louder to make sure I will always wake up on time. I always make sure I bring it when I travel, it’s really portable and easy to throw in my bag.