These headphones offer excellent, high-quality sound, comfort, and performance. I used to work producing television, and love music, audio, and the technology of sound. I am delighted with these and setup is super easy You can connect via Bluetooth (“Soundcore Life 2 Neo”) or by mini stereo cable (included). Charging is via a USB to USB C cable, also included. I charge them up over the weekend and it lasts for an entire workweek. They’re very comfortable and fit over my head and ears with no problem. I was really glad to find that they also have very good noise-cancelling ability.

The controls are easy to find by touch, including the bass boosting one. The bass boosting is not just a gimmick. It fills in the lower end of sound with rich bass and percussion, yet remains comfortable to listen to, plus, it’s optional and easily switched off when I don’t want to use that feature. I love how the highs and mid-levels are rich and realistic sounding. Listening to my favorite radio station sounds like the person is literally sitting right next to me. It’s uncanny.

Also, they seem to very sturdy and well-made, ready to last for years of workaday listening. I also appreciate that they included a cord to plug in if I didn’t want to use them as wireless headphoneAnker Soundcore Life 2 Neo Wireless Headphoness.