I use apple cider vinegar for many different things in my life. But I have had a hard time just taking shots of it, even when it is heavily diluted with water. I was excited to try these gummies and have an easier way of getting my apple cider vinegar. When I first opened the bottle the apple cider vinegar smell was immediately apparent, no mistaking it! So, I wasn’t sure how strongly they would taste of it.

I was pleasantly surprised to find the flavor very good, I think that the mix of the sweet gummies with the ACV kind of mellowed out both, so they weren’t overly sweet or too tangy. I actually really like the taste a lot and I have no problem taking two of them a day. Also, I especially liked the texture, which was not hard and chewy, but also not too soft and melty. It was right in between those two, firm, but very easy to chew and eat. I love these!