My daughter has a bit of a mushroom obsession and has done a lot of research on them. She was fascinated with the way that they grow and was thrilled to see that she could grow her own mushrooms with this fun kit!

She had a great time spritzing them with water and keeping an eye on them every day. It’s such a fun and interactive gift for your kids, especially with everyone spending more time at home lately.

When they were fully grown, she harvested some of them every day and we used them in cooking. Her favorite meal with made with them was an omelette with sauteed mushrooms and cheese inside.

Easy and super fun, they will love growing different plants, that they can decorate and make their own. Light up your kid’s holiday season with magic, with a gift they will watch grow to life.

Back to the Roots’ Mushroom Kit (grows in just 10 days!), Microgreens (natures best-kept secret!), and Seed Packets (all new and 100% USA grown, the seed line is the first national 100% U.S. grown retail seed packet program in the country!) are also great stocking stuffers and gifts for anyone in your family!