My daughter has been taking ballet lessons and I thought this cute doll would be a nice gift for her since she is loving her dance classes. This doll is really pretty and the face, the eyes, the painted features are all exactly right. There is a little chubbiness to her cheeks, so you can tell she’s a little girl. Each single lash of her eyebrows is painted on perfectly. And she has painted eyelashes too, along with her actual lashes. I like how the colored part of her blue eyes is varied, so they look pretty realistic.

The hair is woven in very fine amounts and feels just this side of real. Even her hands are perfect! Her little ballet dress is pretty, too, with tiny sequins. Her silicon ballet slippers actually stay on, which is a relief. The doll is able to pose in different ways, including simple ballet style positions. Her eyes open and shut depending on whether she is upright or laying down. My daughter loves her pretty leotard and tulle skirt and it is all very high quality. She is a fun toy and dance partner for my daughter, who is really enjoying playing with her.