This book features over 200 behind-the-scenes photos, taken at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and the American Kennel Club National Championship. The photographic approach — always with a flash, shadows included — suggests the sort of “gritty” approach to “Street” photography you’d see in a book on, say, steelworkers working at the mill or celebrities at CBGB or Studio 54. But here, there are lots of cute and fluffy doggies amid the intense (yet a little silly) backstage photography of a world-class dog show.

Every photo is candid with many deeply expressive faces of tired doggies but none(?) of their human owners, trainers, and groomers. Framing is a little random, often including people’s rear ends and the worn carpet you’d expect in an old Vegas casino. It’s a dog’s eye’s view, with more than a little humor throughout. Many of the pups have hair clips, scrunchies, and rubber bands holding their fur just-so while they wait for their moment on the stage. If you’re a dog show lover — insider or not — here’s a fun and funny take on the realities of life backstage at the dog shows we’ve all seen and loved on TV.