I love our new home. We built it ourselves, as in with-our-own-two-hands, and so, many of the helpful details we remembered to include have been a daily bit of happiness to us all. Of course, there’s a flip side to that, where the things we overlooked during building are not only a daily annoyance but there’s the guilt of kicking yourself for not thinking of it earlier.

For example, I love our master bathroom which ended up being perfectly proportioned with a generous amount of space — yet with no wasted room, either. Which is nice. But. The shower just has little shelves in it that are only designed for soaps, and the curved edges of the floor, which help keep the “corners” clean, but also mean that shampoos, conditioners, scrub brushes, body washes, and more are cluttering up the floor — making the shower more than a little hazardous in day-to-day use. We weren’t sure what to do to remedy the situation.

And then we found this wonderful shower rack! Depending on your placement, it fits comfortably in a corner of the shower about, say, 10-11 inches on each side of the corner, as well as another 10-11 inches into the space of the shower, diagonally from the corner, if that makes sense. It is very sturdy, made with real metals, yet seem almost more like a decoration than a utilitarian item.

Assembly took just a few minutes and installing it into the shower was no more difficult than extending a shower curtain rod and tightening it into place. And, it’s worked wonderfully since. Instead of a daily disappointment, covered in dangerous clutter, I now find the shower a rewarding place to relax, clean and feel like maybe we can work everything out comfortably and well, after all.