A lot of older desks are too big, being made for wider monitors. This one is perfect for my home office, to replace my glass-topped desk that was wasting space. Plus, I am really happy to have the cabinet and drawer for my stuff. It is an exceptionally nice looking desk, too. The weathered white finish looks really stylish. There’s a slight wood-grain texture to the finish that I love to run my hands over. It is a little lower than most desks to accommodate easier typing without the hassles of a keyboard tray. The drawer and cabinet open extra smoooothly which is also very upscale.

It’s very sturdy, well-designed and, once put together, seems rock-solid. The assembly process was fun to do, and straightforward — clear visual instructions. I put it together while we watched a movie. No problems at all. For part of the process, I mistook the silver rounded screws for the black, flat screws. I swapped them out easily but mention it here so you don’t make the same mistake. Also, the two “sides” of the hinges come assembled but are taken apart to assemble the desk — just loosen the one screw.

Easy peasy, they really have the design and assembly process down to a science. The instructions do not recommend it for a TV or for stuff over 100 pounds, and I get that, but just want to note it’s really sturdy and strong, regardless. And soooo nice looking, too.