Sometimes I have a hard time falling asleep at night because my feet are cold. And just that could keep me up long after going to bed — just waiting for my feet to warm up. And once my feet were warm… out like a light. The thermostat didn’t seem like a very efficient answer — extra heat to the entire house just to warm up my feet? I’ve had electric blankets in the past, but the fabric was uncomfortable, and they didn’t look like this at all.

The blanket, itself, is very nice and so comfy. The one side has a soft and thick weave. And the other is sherpa, s super warm plush that feels as soft and fluffy. It’s pretty thick, too, and so nice to cuddle up in. I really like how the electric controls — one for each side on our queen size blanket — can be adjusted to warm up as much as we like (or don’t).

This is great for me, since my husband will always want it much cooler on his side. There’s a timer function that I always use, so I can make sure that my feet are warmed up and then have it shut off, which prevents me from getting too hot later in the night.