This book is like a love letter to — and from — book lovers. I wasn’t too sure about it at first, but after digging in, found it to be an absolute delight. It is largely geared around truly fascinating trivia about authors and their most famous books, along with recommendations that any fiction reader, especially, would be thrilled with. There are various, brief, alternating sections. Each section is wonderfully illustrated with images of great, independent book stores, authors, their various interests, and hundreds of the designs on famous books’ spines.

Recurring sections include Beloved Bookstores, Bookish People Recommend, writer-owned bookstores, and repeated looks at greatest books of contemporary interest in a wide assortment of various novel genres. These recurring sections alternate with 2-page spreads looking at book-related topics, such as Books Made into Great Movies, Songs About Books, Types of Fiction, and Beautiful Contemporary Covers, Striking Libraries, Bookmobiles, Writing Rooms of famous authors, and a Five-Word Synopsis Quiz. All of these sections are filled with paragraph-sized bits of trivia, reviews, and more that I really enjoyed reading. What a treasure! Best gift ever for any book lover in your life!

There is a really remarkable difference between a staged portrait of someone versus when they’re photographed at home, surrounded by all they love and live with, day by day. Here, we get a peek at the truly most renown authors photographed in their homes, posed with their cat(s). Authors who I’ve never seen truly smile in public before are beaming, like Stephen King holding his cat and her two kittens, one on his shoulder, and another on his head(!). I’d no idea that Mark Twain had over thirty cats — each with wildly delightful names. There are great anecdotes throughout along with the wonderful photos. This is an excellent author for any writer or reader who loves their cats, too.