This book would be a wonderful gift for anyone who loves home decor and historical anecdotes. It features a brief history of each of the 63 household objects — from bathtubs to wreaths. There is lots of trivia, sidebars, tips, famous quotes, and more. The book is well-designed in what seems to me to be a faux-retro style with great hand-drawn illustrations. The quality paper is printed with a light green background and high-quality binding.

For me, the book is like all the best parts of “Antiques Roadshow” (minus the surprised reactions). I must say that, as I finish writing my own history book, there is little here that is easily accessible anywhere else. Unless you, yourself, are a historian, nearly every one of the thousands of data points within will be entirely new to you (and me). This makes the book an astounding accomplishment — while remaining entirely accessible and super fun to read.