I enjoy breakfast as much as the next per… Okay. I actually eat “breakfast” for literally every meal and snack, at morning, noon, and night. There, I said it. But this kind of revolutionary book really takes “breakfast” to an all-new level by bringing dinner-level cooking to the best meal(s) of the day. Woot! The book is beautiful with a striking design and layout, in a funky yet coffee-table-level quality sort of way, with fun-to-read writing on recipes, plus engaging essays on topics near and dear to my orange-juice-drinking heart.

There are recipes that you might expect — like maple-nut granola or brown sugar waffles (with orange-ginger-cranberry compote!). And, there are “breakfast” recipes you might not expect, such as “Nothing Clears a Crisper Drawer Like Green Shakshuka” and “Khachapuri Is a Boat-Shaped Wonder,” and I have to say that those aren’t just clever titles but the real deal.

By bringing world-spanning flavor profiles and ingredients, along with contemporary cooking techniques (see, Instant Pot), with a few Thought-I’d-Only-See-It-On-The-Internet-Not-Actually-Make-It-At-Home dishes. In all seriousness, I see dozens of cookbooks every year, and this is one of the THE best. Wonderful work, with delightful and delightfully accessible recipes throughout.