I was driving from NY to the Catskill Mountains, when my GPS sent me off course and directed me up a the West Point Academy rappelling mountain. The road was by far the steepest I had ever been on and there were cliffs and ravines on the edge of it (no barriers). My car suddenly locked up. I had no steering, no power in the engine, and no brakes. My car began to slide down the road, heading to a ravine, where I would’ve met a certain death.

At the last moment I slammed on the emergency brake which stopped the car about 2 feet from the edge. I called 911, but they told me nobody could get up the road to help me. I was stranded. Out of the blue, a man in overalls and holding fishing gear (on a mountain in West Point?!?!) came walking down from the restricted area of the mountain. He asked me what was wrong. I explained what happened. He jumped into the car, fiddled around, and it began working again. Who was he???

Samuel Sussman