I love how stylish and versatile this “laundry basket” is! Close up, I can see that the woven “rope” is really lovely, woven with an intricate pattern, as a single rope winds throughout to create the entire basket. It’s not really surprising yet still beautiful to look at and kind of amazing in real life. For me, it’s also kind of a metaphor about how a single person can accomplish so much, with a little creativity. The “basket” is actually quite large. The diameter of mine is roughly 16 inches across.

The basket is over 20 inches tall. And, its circumference is over 50 inches around. To gauge its size in the photos, the width of the handle is about 4 inches, and the opening is two inches tall, with the strap across the top, forming the actual handles, are 1.5 inches “tall.” The rope itself is 3/8 inch thick so it is really quite sturdy. Now, this would absolutely work as the world’s nicest laundry basket, for sure. I think the fabric of the rope would help the clothes breathe a bit and help keep anything from getting musty or whatever. I haven’t any need so far but, in a pinch, I think you could wash it on a gentle cycle in a machine washer with some extra water in there to help accommodate the large size.

My original idea was to use it as a toy chest, of sorts, for DD’s favorite stuffed animals and such. But now, I’m planning on getting another one to use as the foundation of an assemblage in our formal entry way to add some warmth and style. The styling looks beautiful in my home, and I think would work well in a variety of home decor settings, from farmhouse, to contemporary, to Modern, to, well, dorm room chic. It works anywhere and really is exceptionally lovely in real life. I just love it!