While we were engaged, DH promised me he wouldn’t ask me to iron his clothes, seeing it as a menial task. But now, he’s rubbing shoulders with the big wigs, so his clothing needs to look sharp. So, we were both relieved to get this wonderful clothing steamer. It uses distilled water and has a regular and turbo setting. We just switch it on and the blue light switches from blinking to solid/ready in 40 seconds or so. We typically use the “steam” and “turbo” buttons switched on. The unit itself plugs in with a really long cord and is quite large.

The height is about a foot, and the width of the face is about five inches, so it is much larger than others I have seen. It is quite powerful, and the steam shoots out about a foot, so you want to be careful and hang the fabrics rather than holding them. Also, never try to steam your clothing while you are wearing them because it could easily burn (in fact, it’s so powerful, I don’t see how it could NOT burn you if you were wearing it).

Depending on the fabrics, it can work in just a couple passes across the fabric. No specific technique really seems necessary. There are two attachments, a brush or a spacer, to use as needed, and they just slip on and off. We’re both appearing more professional while saving time — and keeping engagement-day promises!