I think that this is a great car seat, baby carrier, and stroller combo. I really like how the carrier fits into an already buckled-in base in the car, or in the collapsible stroller, so we can move the baby without her waking up, plus we don’t have to fumble with seatbelts. As our baby gets bigger, the stroller has its own seat with a 5-point harness — no carrier needed. And Cosco really put the “roll” in stroller with the large, super-smooth, cushy tires. There are trays in the stroller for both baby and myself, which is great because there’s a place for each of our things. The carrier and stroller both come with decorated, fold-up canopies. I love the “featherly” pattern and also the colors of blue and teal — the carrier’s have the feathers on a background of a lighter blue. The stroller’s canopy is set on the navy blue background that is used for the seating.

The entire ensemble is easily portable and, while it’s very well-built, it’s not too heavy to make it hard to carry. I think that it is a nice balance of sturdy, comfort, and weight for me. To unfold the stroller, I just release the latch on the side and it opens up. To fold it up, there is a latch that literally reads “lift to fold,” which does just what it says. The carrier snaps into the stroller easily, too, and there’s a latch under the top of the carrier bed to remove it, too. Again, super convenient and really well thought-out.

To assemble the stroller, I just snapped the front wheels on, then I attached one of the rear wheels and I snapped the axle into place. After that I snapped the “hubcaps” on, snapped the trays into place, and I adjusted the belts in the stroller to fit my baby. The trays even snap back out whenever I want to clean them off. In short, the design, the quality of materials, and the ease of assembly are all top-notch.