We are all really happy with the Cosco – Scenera Convertible Car Seat. All car seats have to be safe, and this on certainly seems to be, especially with the professional racing harness style straps. Consumer Reports agreed, and recommended it, so no worries there. I had read that some people had issues with rear facing, but we did not. (Maybe it was just their car? Doesn’t make sense to me.)

Our real problem was we have two cars, and needed one that we could use daily, and move easily to the other car when needed. It needed to be easy to get our boy in and out of. Of course, it also needed to be comfortable. It needed to be easy to clean. It needed to be a good value.

And it would be nice if it actually looked good in our car. This car seat turned out to be perfect. The seat is sturdy, and while I wouldn’t call it “light” it is easy to remove, carry, and install, and the space in the back for your seatbelts to loop through is really generous, should work in any vehicle, and installs for us in a snap. It’s easy to press the button to lock the shoulder straps, and the extension button to lengthen them is hidden under a little flap.

Our boy seems to think its very comfortable, and he falls right to sleep in it all the time. The seat is fairly plush, but not so much that it’d soak up a whole bottle or something, and it wipes clean really easily, so that was great. The price makes it a great value, and plus, we got the Broadway Dots pattern, and it looks really cool in our car — you know, for a car seat. Really glad we got it. And with all the strap adjustment holes, it should last for years to come, too.