Children’s dough for playing has advanced so much since I was a kid! This Softee Dough is lightyears of improvement from what I once played with, day in and day out, years and years ago. There are lots of different aspects to it. First, the texture is much better and truly soft, just like the name says.

The softer texture helps to mold specific shapes and yet the texture doesn’t interfere with the dough retaining its shapes, including finer details, better and longer. The softer texture also helps to reuse it, again and again. If the kids leave a container open, I can just mix it up with a drop or two of water and it’s good as new! The colors are vivid, distinct, and updated, too, and my little ones just love them — pink, purple, blue, and yellow.

Because of the texture, they can use one color on top of another, which is sort of next-level for play dough. There is also a white color, which includes translucent glitter, the kind that looks iridescent yet doesn’t scratch, or irritate, or get everywhere. The white (and yellow) helps to create more colors, too, like green and orange. The white container includes a surprise, which for us is a cookie cutter (a butterfly!).

And I have to note that one aspect that I think is just wonderful is the Softee Dough’s scent! They all smell more like birthday cake than they do like, well, play dough.