I learned a lot from our first child, and now, I think we’re a little wiser for the wear. One thing I learned is to avoid buckling newborns into a car seat while it’s already buckled into the car. It’s can always be a little iffy, especially when a precious little one is out of sorts, during bad weather, while bending over inside a freezing-cold (or burning-hot) car. My back hurts just thinking about it! So, for our new little girl, we *really* wanted one with a separate baby carrier.

That way we can buckle her up indoors, and just click it into the base that stays buckled up in the car. I can grocery shop with the carrier set into the cart, with no problems. Also, if our baby falls asleep while driving home, we can disengage the carrier, bring it (gently!) indoors, and let her sleep. And this carrier and car seat handles that perfectly. It’s geared toward newborns and younger babies (and would even work well for preemies!). The carrier has cute Minnie Mouse design elements, and more, the baby finds it very comfortable. The carrier isn’t too heavy to carry or anything like that. The buckles are easy to do. Yet, the entire unit is very well built, quite strong, and seems extremely safe. We’re so happy with it. And the baby loves it, too!