We’ve been a Disney family since, well, before we were actually a family. One of our first dates was to Disneyland. And we’ve returned with our children many times since. And during those visits, we’ve bought more than our share of Disney-fied merchandise. I’m really loving this bag, it’s very well made. Easy and comfortable to carry, genuinely useful, and made to last for years. The fabric is strong and sturdy, yet comfortable.

Even though it is intended as a baby bag, I think that it could easily be adapted as an overnight, gym, or work bag. On the outside, it has three narrow pockets on one side, two pockets on each end, and one wide pocket spread across the other side. A single zipper covers the top. Inside, there is a gray fold-out changing pad, and a single wide pocket on one side. There are two elastic loops on each end of the interior, for helping to keeping bottles upright. There is a small, separate pacifier case, which connects via a velcro loop.

There’s also a separate insulated bottle bag which has a snap-style loop. The pattern features light and dark gray oval-ish spots, in varying shapes in a loose pattern, along with white Minnies with bows. I love what a stylish diaper bag it is, and I like it so much that I’m sure that I will be using it for other things after I don’t need a diaper bag anymore.