My entire family is in love with this great popcorn popper for the microwave. I love it because it doesn’t fill the air with the scent of burnt oil like cooking on the stove-top does, or the strong odors microwave popcorn bags do. DH loves it because the kernels pop up big, full, and light, with a nice crisp texture. He says that using a lid for stove-top popcorn increases the pressure and moisture within the pan, compressing and moistening the kernels, leaving them smaller and “softer” than they could have been (which is why your local theater’s popcorn machine is open to the air). DD loves that it makes popcorn into a lighter snack than oily methods do, yet the kernels still adhere to salt and seasonings of any kind she likes to experiment with (curry, BBQ, and Cajun seasonings are some of her favorites).

And our younger children love it because they can make it themselves, any time! It’s really easy to use as the vented lid is also the measuring cup. As the instructions suggest, you can experiment to find out what works best for your microwave. The popper is about 5 1/4″ tall x 5 3/4 inches wide and fits great in any microwave. For our smaller 700-watt microwave, we’ve found that 3 minutes exactly works best for us. While we end up with 18 un-popped kernels (using a popular brand of yellow popcorn), if we cook it longer, we risk burning some kernels even though we have fewer un-popped kernels. So it is super easy to use, practically fool-proof, and is a fun way to cook a healthy, guilt-free, and hassle-free snack anytime!