I really like how this ear thermometer can register an accurate temperature in a split second. It gives a clear temperature in large, brightly illuminated numbers. I know that normal ear temperatures run between 96.4°F up to 100.4°F — so anything over 100.4 is technically a fever, although the device alerts me when it discovers a fever. It beeps once to tell me that it’s done, and beeps ten times if it registers a fever. I’ve double-checked with a mouth thermometer but this ear thermometer was just as accurate and much easier to use. It comes with several thin plastic covers, that snap on. With or without the cover, it shows the same temperature. There is a small silver trigger type button for popping them off.

The thermometer is well made, sturdy, and is both easy to hold and doesn’t look scary or threatening to the kids. I just press the power button to turn it on, and a press of the temperature button (with a thermometer icon on it) returns a result in, well, basically the time it takes to push the button? It’s basically instantaneous. And there is a “Mem” button to store the past 10 readings in memory so if I am unsure if a fever is going up or down, I can just review them in a moment, anytime — no need to keep a log or write them down. It comes with AA batteries and the instruction booklet says it has a low-battery indicator, although the batteries have seemed to last a long time. Very convenient and easy to use.