This will be a real life-saver this year when we go on our camping trips! A campfire is always a certainty yet — for us, at least — being able to cook something delicious, nutritious, and properly over the fire is far from certain. So we’re all excited about this book which offers flavorful recipes that can be cooked with just a “stick” and a fire — and it goes way beyond the typical hot dogs and s’mores. Many of the recipes are variations on kebabs, with different seasonings and sauces to go along with them. They’re delicious!

There are other clever ideas, too, like sweet potato wedges with various seasonings from the sweet to savory to spicy. We’ll probably buy some long metal skewers to cook these more easily. The book itself is printed with a spiral binding, which is great, so it lays flat during use. There are great color photos on every page of each of the many, many recipes and variations. The paper is high quality and has some kind of semi-gloss finish, so a little splatter of water or some dirt won’t harm the book at all. The recipes span every meal and snacks, too. Great value!

This is a fantastic, all-purpose camping cookbook with great recipes and cooking ideas for everyone from first-timers to old-timers. Some recipes are cooked on a skewer, others in foil packets, others are pre-packaged, and some can be mixed together in a couple of minutes while camping by a campfire, whether in tents or a fancy RV.

The book is printed on high-quality paper and built to last. There is a thick spiral binding so the pages lay flat while cooking, and it’s easy to bring along, too. All meals and times of year are well-covered. Our kids had a lot of fun making the homemade ice cream that doesn’t need an ice cream maker, just plastic zip lock bags. Also, the banana splits have turned into one of our family favorites. We set up a topping bar and let them pick whatever toppings they like to add to the split open banana and then we wrap them in foil and cook them until soft and melty!

I remember enjoying camping when I was young, where every day seemed like a grand adventure. Yet as I’ve gotten older, with my own family, I find that many of the memories blur together or seem to be lost altogether. So this is a great remedy for my own family. The book is spiral bound so it’s easy to pack and bring along. There are two types of journaling pages in a lovely and easy-to-use layout.

The “Our Adventures” pages have blanks for the date, campground, location, weather, and overall rating. There are areas to note the activities, ways we enjoyed nature, the food we loved, amazing things we saw, our camping neighbors, the “best part,” the “worst thing,” and other things we want to remember. There are other pages for details on campgrounds with lots of areas to make notes for next time and to remember. If I’d had this when I was a kid, it’d be absolutely priceless today. Highly recommended!

What a fantastic idea! This well-designed book offers a quick and easy way for my family to turn our vacations into lifelong memories that won’t just blur together in the years to come. Each two page spread is well-designed with areas on the location, date, weather, “rating,” quick details (what we did today, favorite part of the day, worst thing about today, best thing we ate and where), people we met, strangest thing we saw or did, discoveries, “this made us laugh,” and “things we need more space to write about.” This is a real keepsake and will make our adventures last a lifetime!

This a wonderful set of postcards to mail to your grandchildren. Each has a fun/funny game, memory, or other fun and engaging idea for both of you to connect. Each would only take a moment to fill out and mail (postage is only 35¢). They’ll be super fun for children to get mail for themselves. Each card is extraordinarily well-designed and printed on quality cardstock to make a real keepsake. I think it is a great way for grandchildren to remember and connect, no matter how close or far apart.

I think it can be hard for our children to remember their grandparents while living apart. So these postcards are a beautiful and fun solution. Each of the 30 postcards is printed on high-quality cardstock and surprisingly well-designed. Each would only take a moment or two to fill out, yet I think it could really help kids remember and connect with their grandparents, too!