There was something special about my aunt, and everyone in my family knew it. She was the caring type. If you ever came over, you’d need to do so with an empty stomach. Only because, regardless of whether you were full or not, she was going to feed you anyways.

My aunt was then diagnosed with cancer. She passed away last year, but when she did… something that I thought was incredible happened at the funeral.

I was standing there after the burial as the caterpillar proceeded to fill up her grave with soil. Everything was okay until I noticed a larger sized boulder inside of that soil. For some reason I really, really wanted to take it out. But I couldn’t get myself to reach it, it was dead center in the grave.

At this point, I saw two large men (at least 6′2 with a large build) look at me, smile and proceeded to remove the boulder for me. I had never seen these men in my life, and because only close friends and family were informed about my aunts passing, no one had any idea who these two men were. I shook their hand, thanked them and turned around to see how my dad and brother were doing. When I turned back around, the two men were gone.

I can only assume they were angels.