This is an high quality keyboard, designed for precision use, with flashy lighting. The keyboard puts the “heavy” in “heavy-duty” as it weighs more than a couple pounds. The materials all seem to be top-notch, including a real metal top. It is full-sized and the keys are higher and can be compressed quite a bit more than with most keyboards. The actual trigger for the letters to show up on screen is perhaps a third of that height, so if you’re a light typist, there’s no worries. The amount of springy resistance is more than a standard keyboard and I find it really fun to type on, but it’s not a silent keyboard by any means.

The super strong cable is very long and shielded and woven in fabric for extra durability. The cable ends in two USB plugs, with one for the keyboard and the other for a USB port on the keyboard itself, which is handy for charging my devices. There is some printing on some keys, though the main use for the key is lit-up, by the LED lighting underneath each separate key. There is a Caps Lock light, but not a Number lock key for the keypad on right. For documentation, there is mostly a square of paper with two links on it.

The lighting effects are amazing. The intention here is to maintain some kind of movement in the color shifting, which can be configured in many ways. There are, I believe, two different software programs that can be used to control the colors right now. It looks like the original program, Logitech Gaming Software (current version 9.02), is focused on designing different lighting patterns. The other software, GHUB, seems to revolve around downloading lighting patterns created by other users.