My dad told me a story of when he was a boy growing up, and he was playing in a neighbor’s garden which had a pond. The adults were all busy socializing, and he accidentally fell in. Unfortunately, he didn’t know how to swim yet and started going under pretty quickly. He suddenly saw the face of a woman peek over the edge of the pond and look down into the water straight at him, with a calm smile on her face. She reached down, grabbed him, and pulled him out of the water and set him on the edge of the pond.

He started coughing a bunch after being pulled out, and after getting his bearings a few seconds later, looked around to find that the woman had disappeared completely. My dad then ran into the house to find his mother, who was oblivious to the whole experience, but was quite shocked and worried to find out what had just transpired.

He said the most striking aspect of the whole event was the calm smiling face that this stranger had while a young boy was surely drowning. Then, she didn’t even stick around to make sure he was ok or to help find his guardian. He was too young to understand the implications then, but later would come to believe that it surely must have been an angel who saved him as a boy.

My dad grew up in a Buddhist family on a farm in Singapore during the 1940’s. As a teenager, he would later become a Christian through an American missionary that planted a church near his home. He then moved to America and become a pastor and missionary, building an international network of ministers all over the world with active outreaches and ministries in many nations. His legacy has been extraordinary. God knew the destiny upon his life as a young boy, and spared him from danger so he could fulfill that calling.