With the help of their easy-to-use app, these smart lightbulbs offer a surprising range of abilities and convenience. Anyone can download the Genii app, available in the Apple and Google stores, and see how easy it is to use — but that doesn’t mean it isn’t powerful with lots of available options. But let’s back up: These lightbulbs seem to be very well made. They fit into regular bulb sockets although, as you can see from my photos, the bulbs are a little larger than normal, incandescent bulbs. To set it all up, I installed the Genii app and got logged in. To get the bulb ready to connect to my wifi, I switched it on three times in a row, quickly, and it started blinking. On my iPhone, in the app, I told it to connect, and it found the bulb and connected or whatever, no problem. (I will say that a very old Android phone had trouble connecting though I didn’t really troubleshoot or switch to a more basic connection by turning the bulb off and on 3 more times.)

Once connected there are several super simple screens to adjust the color, brightness, “saturation” (how much color vs whiteness). There are also several preset styles, for various uses, too, including smoothing ranging through the rainbow or specific types of bulb “warmth.” There is also a scheduling feature so the bulb can be used for security purposes, wake up alarms, and more. You can also set up lights as a group so you can control them both at the same time. The app also allows you to group light sets into rooms, so you can organize things, however, you like. There is even an additional voice control setting, too. It’s pretty epic and the light quality is just beautiful.