I love taking walks with my baby and she loves it, too. I’m really happy with this stroller, it is top-notch in quality and design. First, it is made really well. It’s a full-size stroller with real metal, clever design, rugged and strong without compromising on it being so easy to use. It rolls along very smoothly — the big soft wheels smooth out the ride very nicely, even at a jog. It’s very easy to steer and turn, as tightly or gently as you like.

The seat and/or bed is really well thought out and designed. They’re made with fabric, and they convert quickly and simply, from a baby bed to a toddler stroller. The whole seat raises, lowers, or tilts. The bed can lay flat, like an old-fashioned baby carriage or bassinet, which would be great for newborns.  When we go out on a walk and my daughter falls asleep in the fresh air, I just let her stay asleep for a nap in the stroller when we get home.

As my baby grows, I really love how the seat can adjust with her. Plus, there is a big, roomy place to carry a baby bag and what-have-you in the hammock area, underneath the stroller. And the baby bed/seat moves up or down, to one of three settings, either facing forward or backwards and it’s really easy to slide and lock it into place.
I received this stroller from the Stellar Product Testing Panel.