This is a well-designed, smaller, yet effective, miter saw. Or, as we call them around here, at least, “chop saw.” It has everything I look for in a chop saw. It has clear and easy knobs, pins, and latches for locking and unlocking the saw, swiveling the blade’s angle, and more. It’s about as well made as any I’ve used. It is big enough to cut two-by-fours, too, which is the main reason I need and use this saw. With this, I realized that cutting crosspieces (fire blocks) was taking a huge amount of time. It’d be nice if every stud was 16 inches apart — just chop a bunch of 16-inch-long two-by-fours and you’re good to go.

But nowadays, as even basic homes get more and more elaborate frames, the studs vary constantly and then we’d be up on a second or third story yelling down to the guy at the saw that, no, we needed a 13-and-a-half, not a 14 and a half. Then we would have to wait for it to be measured and cut and then for it to be brought to where it was needed. It was taking up way too much time, so with this smaller (and lighter) saw, we just carry it up to upper floors, attics, wherever. Works like a champ and it is saving us time.