Wow! This is such a lovely doll! My daughter loves her so much — and I can see why! She’s so well made, in so many ways, it’s hard to describe. First, her face and body are really well sculpted — realistic, yet super cute, too. Her arms, shoulders, and upper torso are made with a soft vinyl-type plastic, with a soft satin finish, as are her legs and hip sockets. Her tummy and bottom are padded and soft. So, she offers the best of both worlds, huggable yet posable, too! The skin is perfect, in color and finish, and is just lovely. Her eyes are pretty, too, and she goes to “sleep” when she is laid down. Her hair is AMAZING — soft little ringlets that my daughter adores (her hair arrives in two pigtails, that you can probably leave or undo). She has a hairband with a bow on it — just like Hello Kitty’s! The clothes are delightful and so well made.

She’s wearing pink leggings (with bows at the ankles) and vinyl slip-on shoes. And she has a white, velcro-attached, toga-style top, with red frills on the sleeves with white Hello Kitty style bows. The same fabric is used for the underskirt of the apron, along with the wrap-around tie. There are cute Hello Kitty and kitchen icons patterned on the top skirt, with glitter on the red parts. And of course on the top of the apron is Hello Kitty herself, ready to bake, whisk in hand, which also uses glitter on the red portions — Kitty’s bow, dress, and the lettering. It’s all stitched perfectly — my daughter wants an apron just like her’s, but I don’t know where you’d find a real-life apron made as well as. There are lots of extras — including a lunch box to put her recipe book, pencil, cookies, cupcakes and oven mitt in. She’s such a lovely doll that my daughter (and I) love so much!