I think that hoverboards may be one of those “ultimate gifts” that every child in America dreams of. I sure would have when I was a kid if they had them then! They seem to make a great introduction to electric vehicles, learning coordination, and gaining strength, flexibility, and coordination. And this specifically is a great hoverboard for a younger child. It is well made, and clearly is built to last for years of use. It has a slightly smaller size than some hoverboards, which allows our young kids to easily control and pivot the two sides of the hoverboard without any control or steering issues, although it took a few tries for them to get used to the controls and get the hang of it.

It recharges without any problems, and runs very smoothly, even in small areas on all sorts of surfaces — including indoors, like in our garage, at the playground, out on our driveway and on the sidewalks. I really like how it comes with fenders over the wheels so if they go through a small puddle, it won’t splash or distract them while riding/driving. As they practice, they are getting better and better, and I can see they are getting more confident with it. Especially at first, I’d suggest kids wear skateboarding style protective gear like wrist guards and kneepads, and always wear a bike helmet. My kids love this hoverboard and are having a lot of fun with it.