This is a great computer, like new, and it works perfectly. But getting to that point was harder than I’d imagined it would have been. Here’s what happened:

The failed video render was the last straw. After six hours of editing and nineteen hours of complex rendering, the video failed in the last five minutes. Ugh. “I REALLY need a new computer that can get through these videos faster,” I told my wife. She agreed, “But how are we going to afford it?” I was stumped. “Maybe I can find a cheap one online,” I said and set about searching every major computer retailers, many minor retailers, eBay, Amazon, etc.,

Seven hours later, I realized that most refurbished computers are sold at a markup, not an actually reduced rate. Discouraged, I looked one more time on — and there it was — my new computer!

The PC arrived a few days later. To my surprise, it appeared to be… new? It was shrink-wrapped. There was not a scratch on it, and it was absolutely dust free — not a speck — on the computer, in or out. I realize that perhaps I was the exception, and I’ve bought fairly dirty refurb PCs in the past which worked fine back in the day, but my experience was: Spotless — and like new. Woot!

The Windows registration process was a breeze, and I was up and running in a few minutes. The computer works flawlessly and is basically silent. I can feel a breeze coming out from the fans, but I can’t hear any annoying sounds from it at all. The case opens easily via a latch, and closes securely. It works well flat or on its side.

On my previous PC, I was frustrated by the limited number of USB ports, and when some of them stopped working, it got even worse. With this PC, they all work perfectly. Everything plugs in and runs well without a hitch.

And the best part: That same, super complex, 4K video rendered perfectly, and in only 4 hours — an almost 500% improvement! I am truly delighted with the PC — and its phenomenally low price.

In the future, we will definitely save time and money and purchase computers from Joy Systems!