I kept upgrading our internet to take full advantage of the fiber optic line that passes under our front lawn. And yet, no matter what the speed, our broadband provider’s modem was simply not up to the task. We had too many devices going at once, along with too much streaming, too much gaming, and too much video conferencing. So, instead of throwing more money at the problem, I decided to get smart. That’s when we got this excellent wifi router. It was easy to set up. I plugged it in, loaded the Linksys app on my phone, connected to the starter network, and followed the brief instructions that followed. I used the app to give my three key connections priority usage of the network (no more glitchy conference calls) and that was it. Done and done.

The coverage seems very powerful and far-reaching. There are no more devices getting dropped off the network since it’s designed to handle over 20 connections at a time. The WiFi speeds are many times faster than what our provider’s modem can offer (150 Mbps on my phone). Our wired connections are up to 1,000 Mbps (as fast as our broadband connection is, although the modem itself is capable of going faster). No more waiting for downloads or buffering video and such. The range is amazing, too. Standing by the router, my phone gives it four bars for the connection. I started walking down the road. It wasn’t until I was 400 feet away that my phone lost the connection (100 feet for each bar). Amazing. There’s just no way for a modem to offer the kind of superfast connections this easy to use and powerful modem offers.