This is a lovely quilt that makes a pretty bedspread, which I think is suitable for men’s or women’s bedrooms, or couples. The pattern is quite complex, in four different color schemes with the quilt blocks. The style is very pretty and I think that it would blend beautifully in almost any color scheme — whether brightening up Modern white and grays, to warming up rustic Farmhouse decor, in traditional homes, or even maybe contemporary home decor styles.

Regardless, in any decor, I like how it makes for a warm and welcoming bed. The basic block pattern of the quilt seems to be based on a Star Flower Block, with additional fancy elements added, like two borders, plus a nice edge to the entire quilt. I should note the pattern is actually printed on the fabric, rather than the quilt being made out of separate pieces stitched together. The machine stitching in the quilt is in a square pattern, each square is about 2 3/4 inches wide. Plus, I love how the quilt is reversible. The plain side is a lovely ornamental pattern in blues and I like to flip it over to change the look in my room occasionally.