The large open spaces in today’s open-floorplan homes are great, but there’s often a lack of storage space. So I was delighted to find this cabinet for our own home. It is very nice-looking — and good-sized — cabinet. It is pretty tall, and deep, yet not too wide, so it fits in, just about anywhere. The barely off-white color looks great with most paint colors. The overall styling is nicely understated.

There are two sets of knobs included to help blend with anyone’s design sense. The first has a circular shape and brushed silver finish. The second is a matte platinum finish, sort-of jewel shaped (a dodecahedron?). Both are lovely. Moreover, the cabinet was easy to put together. I assembled it while watching a movie with my family. If you use an electric screwdriver, be gentle, and a hand held philips screwdriver is totally fine. It mostly uses screws and cam screws with the cam connectors, the kind you turn part way to latch onto the screw.

The assembly had me first screw on two boards to the edges of the long sides. Then I used the cam knob screws and connectors to attach one of the shelves, holding the two sides together. I basically did the same on the top and bottom, adding the feet first to the bottom shelf. I tacked on the backing with a small hammer and inserted the shelves where I liked — lots of flexibility there. Then, I added the wheels and guides for the sliding doors, and popped them in. Finished (nice movie, too). It fits beautifully in my home! I think it would work well in nearly any style of home decor, including contemporary, farmhouse, and Modern.