This is a lovely holiday decoration for sale this season from Walmart! It’s made of a thick kind of plastic, although the (hand?) painted finish gives it a ceramic or porcelain look and feel. The three-dimensional stars, mountains, homes, and trees — along with Frosty the Snowman and Santa Claus himself — are surprisingly detailed. There are micro, multi-colored LED lights around the “wooden” sculpture, which can be turned on with or without music playing. With or without music, Santa and the Snowman, spin around in the center.

The musical selections are classics and, although a little tinny, can help engender the holiday spirit in any Ebenezer standing by. So there are two selections on the switch below, lights and movement with or without music, which plays one song after another. However, the push button and (removable) cord for “demo” mode is actually a great addition, which I left attached. Now, in demo mode, my grandkids can press the button and have one song play with the lights and movement.

If they get tired, they can push it again, and the music and lights stop. Or, when one song finishes, they can push it again, and the next musical selection plays. It also helps to move Santa and the Snowman so they’re facing their audience. It’s surprisingly well-made and painted very carefully, right down to the Santa’s eyes and Frosty’s carrot nose. It’s quite a keepsake and one we’ll look forward to every holiday season, for years to come!