I could only have dreamed of such a playset as this one when I was a kid. I believe it’s designed for children older than would comfortably fit within the average playhouse yet still need an outlet for their boundless energies. It can be configured in a variety of ways, with either approach designed to help develop physical strength, balance, posture, grace, and, possibly, crime-fighting skills. There are two wide straps that can be cinched tightly between two trees, polls, or other firm supports.

The lower is a few inches off the ground and the other is above their heads but within reach. Then, the lines can be used with-or-without a strap (to hang onto the upper line) as a kind of tight rope that our kids love to (try to) walk across. The weight limit is 250 lbs., so they can all join in if they want. The other option is to hang the various kinds of handholds across it, so they can use their growing athleticism (and imaginations) to swing across, or literally just hang around.

There are monkey bars, monkey fists, Olympic-style rings, rope ladders, and more. It’s quite simple and fun to set up anywhere, very safe, super durable, and tons of fun for all my kids who, it turns out, are following my example, after all!