Any nutritionist would have said I ate super healthily. I am not a vegetarian but I don’t care for meat much (nor it’s digestion issues) and generally eat it quite sparingly. Yet, I recently realized that I was suffering various modest (yet significant) health problems like muscle and hair loss (I think from sequential flu/fevers) which, even after recovery, simply didn’t grow back. I wondered, why? After checking iron and other minerals and vitamins, and increasing each of them, in various healthy ways, I finally realized the real problem: Protein. I needed more — preferably BEFORE I went bald! Yikes!

So I’m delighted to get this excellent protein source, along with huge amounts of other nutrients in a for-real-superfood combination. It contains all 20 amino acids — in optimal ratios — which the body combines and uses to make complete proteins to rebuild tissues throughout the body. Without those complete proteins, the body can’t actually heal and replace tissues broken down by exercise, sickness, aging, or misuse.

The hempseed can be used in a wide variety of recipes — incidentally, or specifically called for. One serving (three tablespoons) offers 15% iron and 25% zinc with 50% magnesium and phosphorus, alongside 20% of your protein needs — in a REAL food (not just a supplement) the body can actually absorb and use. Grateful for this helpful and easy-to-use health booster.