I’ve been a chewy, gummy candy lover all my life, but with the high level of sugar in most brands, I just can’t justify eating it. I was so happy to find out about Pink Panda, the fruity gummy candy made with only 2 grams of sugar and 90 calories per 1.8oz (23-piece) bag, is now available online throughout the United States. Made with allulose, a natural sweetener, Pink Panda currently has 2 varieties (Treasure Chews and sour Astro Blasters), which are available now at https://pinkpandacandy.com/.

“I’ve had a sweet tooth all my life, but as a health-conscious adult who tries to avoid sugar, it’s become a challenge to get my candy fix,” said Pink Panda founder Noah Bernett.

“I still want to indulge in sweets, but I don’t want the calories and guilt that come with it, so I partnered with a world-class confectionary food scientist to create arguably the tastiest health candy in the world and that’s how Pink Panda was born.

After lots of experimenting and taste-testing, we found a way to make perfectly fruity, sweet, chewy, juicy gummies, with very few calories and no aftertaste. It’s candy made healthy and tasty for everyone.”

About Pink Panda

Pink Panda satisfies the sweet cravings of health-conscious snackers with low-sugar, low-calorie gummy candies. With taste and texture to rival all the famous gummy brands, Pink Panda is a flavorful guilt-free alternative with two delicious varieties available: Treasure Chews and Astro Blasters. Keeping total sugar under 2g and total calories at 90 per bag, Pink Panda’s proprietary formulas represent the latest innovation in candy, reminding sweets-lovers: #DontSweatTheSweetStuff.

For more information, please visit https://pinkpandacandy.com/ and follow on Instagram at @pinkpandacandy.