I’ve been using one of these pans for over a year, and it’s worked so great, I was thrilled to get the whole set. It is really an entire kitchen’s worth of pans and pots. There are so many things I love about them. First, the pans are made with serious amounts of real steel and aluminum, with thick bottoms and hit-it-with-a-hammer strong handles. The entire set is clearly designed for years and years of regular use. The bottoms are thick enough that the heat disperses evenly across the pans for frying without cold or hotspots.

Plus, I can cook at lower temperatures and still get the golden-brown-delicious foods I’m trying for. The non-stick ceramic finish is the real deal, super slippery, so I can cook with just a tiny bit of oil, butter, or stock. The three, heavy-duty glass lids fit both the pots and the pans. For me, being able to see how things are cooking is a genuine lifesaver — no more undercooking, overcooking, or burning, no matter what I’m making. The sizes are well-chosen, whether I’m frying a couple of eggs for my breakfast or boiling pasta for a family get-together.

The grips on the handles don’t require a hot pad to handle them while cooking, and the green-turquoise color and flower design are lovely, too, surprisingly prettier than they look in the photos. I really can’t recommend these enough. I’m getting a set for an upcoming wedding reception for a couple I really love. I’m sure it will be the best — and most long-lasting — gift they’ll get!