I needed a bag that was strong, versatile, and easy to move, yet didn’t add a bunch of extra weight itself. Plus, I hoped it could/would be the (biggest possible?) carry-on size for domestic flights. Was that too much to ask? Apparently. Or so I thought… until I got this excellent suitcase. There is something special about the weight — which is surprisingly light — and the vvveeeeerrrrryyyyy smooth-rolling wheels. I mean, this thing glides along better than a… Skateboard? Dolly? Any other suitecase I’ve ever had? Together, they make moving and maneuvering it a breeze. Yet, it’s very well made and so versatile. There are two large pockets on the main flap, which are great for paperwork, electronics, and thinner items.

Opening the main flap, there are three interior pockets for loose odds and ends. The entire lining inside has a zipper so I can stash things I’d rather left unseen out of the way, yet still accessible. Within, the main section includes a four-strap “seatbelt.” Plus, it helps to keep everything stable and tightly packed inside. There is a size-enlarging zipper, too, which makes the whole suitcase about two inches thicker in size, because when you need that, it’s a real life-saver. The two strap-type handles are large and nicely padded for easy lifting. The extending handle works very smoothly, telescoping to whatever height I want (seven different heights?) — all at the touch of a single button. With those smooth-rolling wheels, low weight, and perfect size, this suitcase glides along like a dream come true.