My daughter really loves this cute sign. I guess all of us could use a little magical encouragement to live well, enjoy life, and use our imaginations along the way. I love the palette chosen for the pastel — actually more like faded — colors, ranging from pink, to periwinkle, to lilac, then sea green, eggshell yellow, tangerine, and dusty rose.

There is a faux-distressed, matte finish on the front, which looks rustic, realistic, and compelling — yet is smooth, cohesive, and brand-new, long-lasting quality. The sign is made from a single piece of medium density fiberboard, which makes a smooth and solid wooden board.

It’s a little less than a half-inch thick, so it shouldn’t ever warp or have any other problems that wooden decor can have over time. The jute cord is soft and about a quarter-inch thick. The cord is attached with four heavy-duty staples so it will last for a long time, though you could simply tuck the cord behind the sign and display it standing on a desk or mantle, with no problems at all. It even comes in its own decorated gift box — not wrapping necessary — so I think that it would make a nce gift for a young person.