With my work and busy schedule, I often end up needing to do yard work in the evening though I worry about bothering my neighbors with the noise. So, I got an electric mower which just sounds like a fan running. But given how late I’m trying to race before the light is gone, I’d usually have to leave the clippings all over the sidewalks and hope for a strong wind the next day (which usually doesn’t happen). So I am delighted to get this electric blower.

It uses a rechargeable battery pack so I don’t even need to worry about dragging a power cord behind me. It has three power settings, which are controlled by how far you press the trigger. The noise seems a bit louder than my mower but not enough to hear inside our house. The wind speed coming out is great, with solid power which, though not as strong as a jetpack-style commercial blower, is great for lawn clippings and leaves. Just takes a few minutes (seconds?).

Basically, you just hold the nozzle a little bit closer to the sidewalk than with a super-loud gasoline-powered jetpack-style. It is much lighter than jetpack blowers (weighs about 7 pounds). It seems very well made, really sturdy and, in general, is super easy to use. It recharges pretty quickly too with a light-up indicator to see how much charge you have. It looks ready for years and years of use. Now, I can clear my sidewalks away whenever I need to without bothering anyone!