This is a beautiful, clever, and engaging artistic and creative journal or visual notebook. It’s exactly what I needed to help inspire me in my graphic design business and personal artistic pursuits. There are lots of pages for me to write and draw in, as encouraged by the engaging and upbeat author.

Some of my favorite topics include finding your inner artist, sparking creativity by connecting with your authentic self, the emotional impact of colors, developing your creative confidence, and practicing gratitude and sharing joy through creativity.

The book itself is beautiful, with lots of colorful illustrations and pull-quotes with inspirational thoughts from famous artists. There is also some specific technical instruction, like in color theory, that I think any happy artist would find most welcome, making this an excellent gift choice.

I love how the text is friendly, engaging, and genuinely helpful. The book-binding and printing is top-notch and the gilt-edged pages are printed on high-quality paper. It includes a silk ribbon bookmark and elastic book band to emphasize that it is an actual workbook — and notebook, and journal, and a wonderful source of inspiration for any creative artist, including me!