One of the frustrations that comes from building your own home is it can be surprising when you realize you don’t remember how you built this or that. Case in point: Hanging wall art when you can’t find the stud underneath the drywall. I tried other stud finders only to find they did not work at all. So, I spoke with a contractor friend who said, simply, they never work, and to just hammer in lots of nails and plaster over all the holes when I’m done. I tried that in the laundry room, adding a shelf, and it looks like I plastered over a machine gun attack. Yikes.

So I was very surprised to find how PERFECTLY this stud finder ACTUALLY WORKS. I tested it on walls that I did remember building and it immediately and clearly marked where the studs started and ended, along with where to insert nails or screws. To use it, I just place it on the wall, usually where I know a stud wouldn’t be, and hold down the button, on the side, with my thumb. It beeps after a second or two, signalling it’s calibrated and ready.

Then, continuing to hold down the button, I slide it across the wall. The LCD indicator (works well in any light) clearly shows the left, right, and middle of the stud, using “bars” that appear on the left or right of the center line (or all the way across for center). Then I just mark the center with a pencil and get to work. The instructions say if it acts glitchy, to replace the 9-volt battery, but I haven’t had any problems using the one that came with it. Super easy to use and it truly works. What a relief!