Take Care Activities for…CALM
I often wonder if smartphones are so popular a distraction because they’re so convenient. Since they’re right in our pockets, ready whenever we need a moment to clear our heads. The problem is my phone is rarely calming — quite the opposite! So I was so relieved to find this darling pocket posh book! It fits in my pocket or bag and is ready for me to turn to whenever I need a moment to clear my thoughts. It’s over 100 pages, nicely printed and bound, with a firm cover to offer reinforcement when drawing or coloring. Each page offers a soothing activity, each based around the concept of “calm,” including various kinds of puzzles, like coloring, dot-to-dot, crosswords, word search, and find the differences, alongside encouraging quotes, doodling and journaling prompts, and more. They’re all remarkably well-designed and laid-out. It’s such a great idea! I love this little activity book!

Take Care Activities for…REFLECTION
When I was little, I loved to get coloring books. It was a relaxing way for me to regroup and reflect on my day. But, actually, it wasn’t the coloring pages that I was most interested in — it was the activity pages included. Word searches, crosswords, follow-the-number drawings, and so forth. This book takes coloring books in an all-ages direction, offering activities similar to children’s coloring books’ activity pages. Here, each activity is based around the theme of reflection. The book fits in my bag or pockets, and I can turn to it whenever I have a moment to relax, reflect, and clear my head. There are also writing prompts, finish-the-drawing, inspirational quotes, and other activities. The binding and printing is top-notch, and the designs and layouts are elegant and sophisticated. This year, I’ll be sharing this, and other books in the series, as gifts for my friends.

Take Care Activities for…MINDFULNESS
How many times have I tried to take a break with my phone, only to wind up more stressed than when I began? Yet, in today’s world, I can really use some head-clearing mindfulness of where I am and what I am doing, rather than an unending loop of anxieties, things I need to remember in the future, and second-guessing my past. This is why I’m so relieved to have this wonderful activity book for all ages. Created around a theme of mindfulness, it is similar to a children’s activity and coloring book, but for adults. And there is a lot of activity packed into this pocket-sized, 100-page book(let). The printing and binding are excellent, with a soft binding that is rigid enough to The layout is remarkably elegant and well designed, printed in black-and-white with colored borders of pale seafoam green. The wide range of activities, alongside inspirational quotes, include writing and drawing prompts, along with all sorts of puzzles — dot-to-dots, coloring pages, crosswords, word searches, and more. Plus, there are additional thoughtful touches, such as the ” spot the difference” illustrations being ready to color, as well. It’s a wonderful concept, executed wonderfully. And it’s a real help for me in my day to day life, whenever I need a break to clear my head.