We got the Safavieh Dream Collection’s Tranquility Spring Mattress in White and Navy and it’s a really nice mattress.

It arrives rolled up, so you have to cut it out of the bags it is rolled into. Then, it pops right out and gradually “inflates” over time.

The fabric is strong, yet really soft and nice. You could probably wear clothes out of the cottony material on top, and they’d be really comfortable. You don’t see the patterns on the side, of course, but they seem really upscale, and it’s nice knowing they’re there. The mattress has an inch or two of padding on the top, and lots of springs within. Even though it’s technically called an 8-inch mattress, ours is closer to 9-inches thick, altogether.

It seems really well made, with just right strength, with how much it supports or gives. To me, it seems like it’s a little on the firm side, and yet, when I lay on my side, my back isn’t curved from my hips sticking out. It’s a Goldilocks mattress — just right. It seems like there many, many springs inside it — I can’t feel the specific springs, even why I try, because they’re so close together. Altogether, it makes a really comfortable sleeping surface.