While working from home more and more, I realized that I really needed a better office chair. And this one is working great for me. I wanted a chair that was strong enough to last. I wanted one that me or my husband could sit in comfortably, and that I could lean back and rest my head while reading through something.

The fabric is really nice, kind of a matte leatherette that’s more comfortable than actual leather and easier to clean and maintain, too. The seat is very cushy and comfortable, with an ergonomic design, that works for both males and females. The cushions are soft yet supportive. The curved metal armrests are the perfect height, have comfortable padding, and don’t snag on my pockets when I’m sitting down. The base is extra strong, made with real metals, with several smooth-rolling casters that work well on a variety of different kinds of flooring.

There are easy controls for raising the seat higher or lower, and another to recline. The seat is very comfortable to sit and work in — even for hours at a time. Plus, it was surprisingly easy to build, and assembled in just a few minutes. I was excited to see that they even had a free app (Bilt) that made it even easier for me to assemble it. The app has 3-D models in video that show how to do every step, with a friendly voice explaining each step to me (which are very simple, regardless).

The app was a big help to me and I referred to it repeatedly the whole time I was assembling the chair. This is an excellent office chair and I think it will definitely last for many years of use. It would work well even for big and tall people, while looking very nice in virtually any office or home-office setting.